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PIT - Acupoint Injection

Acupoint injection is the injection of a substance(s) in acupuncture points and or ashi points on/in muscle, ligament or bone.

The injected substance enhances the Qi and Blood flow to the area and allows the body to regain balance and health. Generally, Acupoint Injection techniques are used when regular acupuncture fails to provide the desired results or is deemed to be ineffective for the specific problem.

Acupoint injection is the TCM version of injection used by many other groups MD's. ND's, and Dentists. The difference with TCM injection is we look at the whole body and use TCM diagnostics to determine Qi and Blood deficiency not just where the pain is located. The Acupoint Injection is used to balance the body and treat the area of pain. We use many different medications to regenerate muscle, ligament, even bone. The techniques can be as simple as an injection into the muscle or can involve using a TCM needling technique such as bone pecking and then inject the material to stimulate tissue repair.