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Your Healing is just around the corner.

Advanced Healing Arts is a Holistic Healing and Therapy Wellness Clinic in Port Moody offering Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, HTMA, Prolotherapy, Herbal medicine, TCM and more. Our comprehensive and complementary collective of independent practitioners have been providing a nurturing environment for alternative holistic health care since 1993.

Meet the Advanced Healing Arts Team.

It Starts With You

Along with your body’s unique needs, your lifestyle, goals, and preferences all influence your wellness journey.

Our role in your journey is to help you restore balance and achieve your goals in the most natural way possible. In place of invasive, side effect-inducing practices such as drugs or surgeries, we utilize the time-tested methods of Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy (RMT), Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Injection Therapy and Prolotherapy. Please visit our Health Services page to view ALL our services. These approaches centre on the idea that most healing can be done by the body itself. Our expert practitioners will help you heal. The medical professionals in our practice are trained, dedicated professionals. They leverage years of specialized experience to bring you proven practices and the best possible results.

It’s Time to Take Control

If pain, weakness, fatigue, or other ailments are impeding your wellness, it’s time to get in touch. We’ll tailor our specialized remedies to meet your body’s needs and help you restore balance.

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