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IV therapy involves the injection of fluids directly into veins

This route is a fast way to deliver fluids and therapeutic agents throughout the body. Naturopathic IV therapy delivers concentrations of vitamins, minerals or other therapeutic agents into the bloodstream, helping to correct low nutrient levels quicker and with less potential side-effects like diarrhea and heartburn. As a result, there are great benefits on metabolism, energy, improved athletic performance, and disease prevention and treatment.

IV therapy can provide rapid, effective relief of symptoms, deliver a much-needed energy boost and promote overall wellness. IV therapy is potentially effective for the treatment of a variety of conditions including fatigue, improve immune system function, allergies, malnutrition, detoxification and purification, digestive disorders, migraines, asthma, and integrated cancer care.

Some of the IV treatments available at this clinic are:

  • Myers cocktail
  • Mega-dose Vitamin C
  • Intravenous Careseng
  • Intravenous hydrogen peroxide
  • Intravenous DMSO
  • Chelation (EDTA, DMPS)
  • Amino acid infusion
  • Intravenous Trace minerals
  • Glutathione therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Major autohemotherapy
  • IV therapies provided in this clinic are based on each individual conditions and needs.