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Biological medicine

Biological medicine, a type of alternative and holistic medicine, it is a comprehensive method of healing that aims at increasing the body's key biochemical reactions and self-regulating abilities. With the intent to reactivate the body’s own natural healing forces. In today's modern world, the human body is constantly being exposed to a wide variety of internal and external stressors that it must adapt to in order to maintain overall balance. Biological medicine views diseases of any kind as symptomatic problems of larger source issues (usually some sort of imbalance, toxicity or physiological disturbance which can be brought on by different emotional and physical stressors). If the source is not addressed, then complete health will never be achieved. By determining the best program of treatment to naturally eliminate all the causes and sources of a chronic dysfunction in the body, one can achieve complete health.

Biological Medicine is the new frontier of modern health care. It represents an evolved understanding of health and healing in that it incorporates both conventional and alternative medical practices to stimulate, balance and restore one's own healing mechanisms. It's a unique Holistic form of medicine founded in Germany in the 1950's that involves superior and highly innovative instrumentation. Diagnosis and treatment often involve combining biological sciences and microscopy to examine blood cells with ancient therapies such as Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Pleomorphism and European traditions of druidic medicine.

Biological Medicine understands that there are often multiple hidden influences that cause illness. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis, and treatment, Biological Medicine practitioners intentionally set out to find. Environmental toxins, chronic hidden infections and parasites, undetermined food allergies, poor diet and nutrition and interrelated dental medical problems are all meaningful factors considered by biological medicine practitioners