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Reflexology is a beneficial therapy for all ages.

Reflexology is the method of stimulating the reflex points, on the feet and hands, that correspond with all the organs and functions of the body. Following a detailed mapping of the body, the Reflexologist applies gentle pressure to these reflex points on the plantar, dorsal, lateral and medial surfaces of the feet or hands. Correct stimulation of these points generates a relaxation response, enabling the release of trapped stress and tension in those corresponding areas. In this deep state of relaxation, the body's natural energies flow freely, assisting it to normalize and rebalance. The body is REVITALIZED and SUPPORTED, in its own healing process.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art, dating back to Egyptian times. It has widespread acceptance as a Complimentary Therapy in Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK, where many studies over the decades have proven its effectiveness. WHOLISTIC, NON-INVASIVE and GENTLE, Reflexology is a beneficial therapy for all ages – from infant to senior!

Reflexology Services include:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Integrative Reflexology
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology