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How did this method get its name?

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) is a new method in the field of alternative medicine, based on considerations and theories not yet accepted by prevailing conventional medical science (orthodox or allopathic medicine). This method is designed to address the body, soul and life energy of human beings.

In Greek, the soul (mind) is called psyche, the body soma, and the energy that flows through them both is energetics (or Prana, Ch’I, Orgone). According to the ideas that led to the development of this method, there is subtle life energy that flows through and pervades the human body which, in a harmonious interaction of body and soul, is a contributory source of health, vitality and well-being.

How was the method developed?

Psychosomatic Energetics was developed over years of work and research by a German general practitioner and naturopath. It is not tied to any particular world-view, and combines oriental energy medicine (Acupuncture, Yoga) with modern occidental scientific thought. It has developed into an independent alternative-medicine procedure.

What does the method do?

Psychosomatic Energetics aims to measure the subtle energy field (Aura) and determine its “fullness” (like a car’s fuel gauge). Mainstream science as yet rejects this energy field as nonexistent, since it cannot be measured with conventional scientific equipment. Based on users’ experience, this is done by means of a specially-designed REBA® Test Device.

All preventive energy medicine (Acupuncture, Homeopathy) tries to identify and then compensate diminished life energy. According to the ideas that underlie this concept, a full energy reading is the prerequisite for stable, long-term good health. It is the goal of Psychosomatic Energetics to detect the deeper levels of disease causes and to heal them – i.e. psychic and subtle-body disease causes. The method proceeds from the assumption that, often, deep-seated subconscious psychological conflicts disturb the energy situation. It is therefore the task of Psychosomatic Energetics to detect and treat these conflicts.

What are psychosomatic disorders?

Everyone knows from daily experience that body and soul are inseparably intertwined, and this knowledge is expressed by a number of familiar phrases:

  • Something’s eating at him.
  • I’ve got a knot in my stomach.
  • My heart is breaking with sorrow.

When you stop to consider that the body has a great many functions that are not under our conscious control – such as sleeping, defecating, blood pressure, skin temperature, hunger – it quickly becomes clear that there are other forces at work besides those that we have conscious control over, which keep the organism’s gears turning. This automatic steering unit is called the autonomic (or vegetative) nervous system; its fibers are present in every cell of the body, its commands bundled into neural nodes (vegetative plexus).

The most important vegetative plexuses are in the pelvis, upper and lower abdominal regions, cardiac region, cerebellum and brain stem. Each of the plexuses has, as it were, sovereignty over a particular body segment, and corresponds in alternative-medicine terms to the Indian Chakras (energy centers). The underlying ideas is that if all levels are in good working order and harmonizing with each other, then the person will feel healthy and vital.

Now, what can upset the regular functioning of the vegetative nervous system? According to Psychosomatic Energetics, these are generally “unfulfilled” feelings that act like sand in the gears of this subtle and delicate mechanism.

Concealed emotional problems then disrupt the course of vegetative functions and lead to energy congestions, which can in turn, via cellular supply deficiencies, lead to feeling unwell, pains and disease susceptibility.

The healing remedies of Psychosomatic Energetics
Whenever one or more of these plexuses have their function disturbed, it can thus lead to somatic pains or ailments in the associated body region. There are various homeopathic compound remedies available for treating these energy blocks, which are applied according to the respective homeopathic pharmacological picture of the individual components.