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What is a Medical Herbalist?

Plant-based medicine is the oldest form of healing and herbal medicine is still used by over 80 percent of the world's population. For centuries, cultures throughout the world have used herbs and creating healing modalities forming the basis of Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Modern science is now confirming what tradition has known for centuries. Herbs have therapeutic properties, which can be used in the prevention of ill health, assist in maintaining optimal health and play a valid role in the treatment of dis-ease. While clinical trials should not be considered the only validation of botanical medicine, double-blind placebo-controlled studies can certainly confirm the role of the plant for medicine, a healing modality practiced for centuries. Botanical medicine, when used correctly, plays an important role in the treatment of ill health and can be used for both acute and chronic conditions.

Both herbal medicine and allopathic (pharmaceutical) medicine can play a valid role in our health. Herbs can be used as the first choice of disease treatment and herbal medicines consistently have fewer side effects than prescription medication while supporting the bodies’ capacity to heal itself. When used under the care of a trained practitioner, the benefits of the botanical medicine are numerous. Herbs can be safely combined with allopathic medicine to minimize the side effects of prescription drugs, used to enhance the effect of pharmaceutical medicines, resulting in a lower dose of medication needed, or can be used long-term to support the bodies’ capacity to restore its own health. Herbal medicine can be used to wean the body off potentially addictive medications and can be used as an alternative to many habit-forming medications. There are herbal formulations to support the bodies healing for almost any condition one might see a doctor for.

The quest for knowledge and understanding in the field of herbal medicine is continually advancing. There are currently Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree programs in Herbal Medicine in Universities throughout the world. Medical schools are adding herbal medicine education into their course curriculums; peer-reviewed journals are citing the health benefits of nutrition and plant medicine and there is an increase in funding and research done on botanical medicine throughout the world.

Western Herbal Medicine uses local medicinal plants, First Nations plants as well as European herbs and often incorporated herbs from other paradigms as well including Ayurvedic plant medicine and herbs traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine. The highest quality herbs are chosen with an emphasis on certified organic and ethically wildcrafted plants.

When seeking herbal medicine support, a consultation is essential to obtain important information about ones current state of health and health goals, previous medical history, medication use, diet, and lifestyle and at that time a custom blended herbal formulation and health program is designed to focus on assisting you to obtain your health goals. Custom blended herbal formulas provide specific support for your unique health picture and are frequently modified as your symptom picture changes. Herbal teas and tinctures (herbs in liquid form) and sometimes herbal capsules are recommended in addition to specific lifestyle and nutritional suggestions.

What is a Medical Herbalist? When treating the client a Medical Herbalist seeks out the underlying cause of the health problem and, once identified, it is this, which is treated rather than the symptoms alone. A Medical Herbalists are highly trained practitioners that combine the use of botanical medicine, science, nutrition, and supplements to restore health. Medical Herbalists are not doctors, nor do they diagnose; they are, however, trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors and take a more holistic approach to illness. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is a worldwide recognized governing body representing herbal practitioners, originally founded in 1864. All members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists have completed at least 4 years of study in Herbal Medicine and have had extensive training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical assessment, pharmacology, biochemistry, botany, materia medica, and philosophy of Herbal Medicine, therapeutics, and nutrition. To book an appointment contact Advanced Healing Arts and request an appointment with Katolen Yardley, Medical Herbalist or visit