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About Dr. Andrew Taylor

Dr. TCM, R.A.c.

I love the challenge of treating patients who have tried everything and had little or no improvement in their condition.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Moved to British Columbia, Canada in 1984.

Graduated Massage Therapy School in 1989.  Graduated from TCM School in 1999.

Licenced Dr. TCM, R.A.c.

Certified in Pain Management by the Blatman Institute.

Certified in Acupoint Injection Pacific Coast Institute and ARIABC.

Certified in Advanced Level Prolotherapy and Regenerative Injection by NATI and ARIABC.

Certified in Prolozone by Dr. Frank Schallenberger M.D., HMD.

Graduated from the Perineural Injection Master Class.

Owner Tri-City Natural Health Centre, Coquitlam, B.C. from 1992 till June 2010.

Owner of Advanced Healing Arts. Inc in Port Moody, B.C. 2010-Present.

Massage Therapy Association of BC Board of Directors member from 1992-1995.

Vice President of the TCMABC from 1999-2002.

Vice President of the QATCMA from 2006-2008.

Board member of the ATCMA from 2016-Present

Chair of the Scope of Practice Committee for the CTCMA from 2003-10

Chair of the Acupoint Injection Task Force CTCMA from 2008-2009.

Examiner for the practical portion of Acupuncture Board Exams of the CTCMA in 2003.

Member of the Sports Acupuncture Team treating athletes from around the world at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Co-founded with Dr. Philippe Souvestre M.D. (France), R.A.c., the Pacific Coast Institute of Advanced TCM and Acupuncture Techniques in 2000 to integrate professionals in the therapeutic use of Acupoint Injection in Vancouver BC.

Chairman and instructor for the Pacific Coast Institute of Advanced Acupuncture and TCM Techniques from 2002-2010.

Teacher of TCM/Acupoint/Regeneration Injection Therapies since 2003-present

Teaching Acupoint Injection, Bone Pecking Injection, Trigger Point Injection, Prolotherapy, Venipuncture, Neural Therapy and Regeneration Injection

20 years of clinical experience in Acupoint Injection.

Advanced Level Injection/Orthopaedic Instructor for (SAIT) Society of Acupoint Injection Therapy 2010-2015.

Advanced Level Injection/Orthopaedic Instructor for (ARIABC) Acupoint & Regeneration Injection Association of BC 2015-Present.

Dr. Taylor is well known internationally and teaches injection therapy courses across Canada and the United States.

Education Director for ARIABC 2015-Present. Developed the 200-hour Acupoint Injection Certification Program for (ARIABC) Acupoint & Regeneration Injection Association of BC.

President and instructor for The Comprehensive Injection Therapy Network 2019-Present.

A few of my mentors Dr. C. Yu M.D. (China) (TCM injection techniques and various styles of injection), Dr. Rick Marinelli, ND, LAc.(PRP, Prolotherapy & various styles of injection), Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. (ozone, neural therapy, various styles of injection), Dr. John Lyftogt M.D. (Perineural Injection- Master Class Level), Dr. James Williams, DOM at Miller School of Integrated Medicine, University of Miami (injection), Steve Meeker L.A.c. (auriculotherapy), Dr. Frank Schallenberger M.D., HMD (Ozone therapy and Advanced Prolozone) and Dr. Hal Blatman M.D., President of American Holistic Practitioners Association (Trigger Point, Prolotherapy, PRP & injection therapy).

Special interest in Pain Management, Acupoint/Regeneration Injection Therapies, Biological Medicine and Orthopaedics/Tui-Na and TCM Theory.

Advanced Level training in Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy/Auricular Medicine, Acupoint Injection, Ashi Point Injection, Biological Medicine, Bone Pecking Injection, CranioSacral, Dermapen, Iridology, Live Blood Microscope Analysis, Neural Therapy, Orthopaedic Manipulation/Mobilization, Certified in Ozone based therapies and Advanced Level Prolozone Ozone Injection, Pain Management, Perineural Injection/Neural Prolotherapy (Master Class Level), Prolotherapy, TCM Herbs, Trigger Point Injection, Tui-Na Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation.

The Advanced Regeneration Injection Courses cover all the body structures from superficial to deep and provide the appropriate injection techniques to stimulate the body to repair itself. Dr. Taylor has studied injection therapies from the best teachers in the world and still actively continues to keep up with the latest developments in the injection field. Dr. Taylor has logged thousands of hours in training and teaching injection therapies.

Dr. Taylor has developed his own techniques to realign the pelvis and combines these mobilizations with injection therapy to maintain proper alignment. He now teaches these techniques through his ARIABC courses. Dr. Taylor uses a combination of advanced level therapies to restore your health. Dr. Taylor has developed a system of diagnostics using the best techniques from around the globe in natural medicine to uncover your hidden health issues for internal and physical disorders.

Dr. Taylor currently enjoys a busy practice with particular focus on acute/chronic musculoskeletal injuries, MVA related pain and whiplash, muscle/fascial restrictions and pain, pelvis misalignment, scoliosis, low back, neck, shoulder (frozen/tears), TMJ, elbow, wrist, knee (OA, RA, cartilage and ligament damage) & ankle pain. Disc bulge/herniation of the spine, muscle and ligament restrictions/injuries, arthritic pain, sports injuries, allergies, unexplained therapy-resistant health issues, ADHD, ADD, children's learning disabilities, dental focus/infection, autoimmune, difficult to diagnose and treat conditions and internal medicine. Dr. Taylor enjoys the challenge of treating patients that have "tried everything and had no success".

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