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About Rick Fischer

Certified HTMA Practitioner

Mineral imbalances are at the root of many chronic health concerns. Minerals help regulate our thyroid, adrenal, digestive, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal functioning. They also affect neurotransmitter levels in the brain, thereby affecting mental health too. When our minerals are out of balance (with deficiencies or toxicities - which also includes toxic metals), so too will our health be. Since blood is homeostatic and constantly works to return to a safe range, a blood test of your minerals can show ‘normal’ even in the case of severe deficiency or toxicity occurring in the cells and tissues. This is where Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can shine, as it reflects cellular and stored tissue status and can show mineral imbalances that are occurring long before they might ever appear in the blood.

The science of nutritional balancing using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) was developed in the 1970s by Drs Eck and Watts. Today it remains the primary test of choice by the US Environmental Protection Agency for detecting heavy metals in the body and is a powerful tool for preventative and corrective nutritional program design.

Rick’s unique path to becoming one of Canada’s leading HTMA specialists began with a health tragedy that happened to a loved one. Subsequently dedicating several years to the research of ‘copper toxicity’, his work was discovered by one of the world’s foremost HTMA experts – a now retired clinical psychologist and nutritionist who learned HTMA directly from Dr. Eck & Watts, and who successfully used HTMA in clinical practice for over 3 decades. He was impressed enough to take Rick under his wing and personally mentor him in the science of HTMA for nutritional programming and understanding both the physical as well as psychological manifestations of mineral imbalance. Discovering how widespread not only copper toxicity is but also mineral imbalances as a whole, how these imbalances impair health, and how little understanding there is of this in the general medical community, these factors all further fuelled Rick’s desire to continue his ongoing research and being of service to people. He has since brought together an international ‘team’ of HTMA experts and researchers to further share and expand knowledge and awareness in this field. Today, as the founder of the #1 support site for copper toxicity (, Rick continues to be a strong advocate for awareness of that epidemic, while also designing mineral balancing programs for clients worldwide. For the HTMA lab test itself, Rick works with Trace Elements Inc (one of only two testing labs worldwide that follow proper protocol allowing for the most accurate mineral level readings). Rick is also a published author, speaker, nutritional educator, graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and founder of - an advanced nutritional training course designed to provide education specific to the role minerals play in health.

HTMA and mineral balancing is at the core of Rick’s work, and he sees it as a privilege and a duty to being a global leader in advancing awareness and education in this field. Some of the more common concerns he works with (and for which HTMA can be a powerful screening tool) include thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, (preventative) cardiovascular health, bone integrity, as well as stress, depression, and anxiety. Though he serves clients worldwide through his website, he is also thrilled to be a part of the Advanced Healing Arts team to better personally service the local Vancouver and area community.

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