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What is Integrated Body Therapy?

Integrated Body Therapy is a combination of therapies derived in part from the whole body approach from the Philosophy of Chinese Medicine, the Principles of Acupuncture and both classical and emerging osteopathic techniques. Micro Point Stimulation (E-stim) is one of the techniques that can offer the benefits of Acupuncture without the use of needles. This microcurrent simulation is non-invasive, non-painful. This stimulation differs from TENS (commonly used in physical therapy) which uses alternating current to block pain signals. Micro Point Stimulation Therapy is actually healing because it uses the natural direct current or bioelectricity that we commonly call "Qi" (energy) in Chinese Medicine that is inherent in our own bodies.


Integrated Body Therapy has evolved from the adoption of various treatment techniques, not only from my own discoveries of what has or has not worked for myself, but also what has helped my clients most. Manual osteopathic techniques in addition to acupuncture and/or Micro Point Stimulation have been integrated into a unique blend that offers encouraging results with re-occurring musculoskeletal pain and conditions that have not responded well to traditional therapies, such as post-concussion syndrome.

Integrated Body Therapy targets the root dysfunction rather than continually chasing your pain symptoms without results. Also, many modalities only address certain components in the body, but Integrated Body Therapy addresses the whole body from the musculoskeletal system, fascial trains, bones and joints, the craniosacral system, the organs, central nervous system. Also, the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians can be balanced with both needle and non-needle acupuncture techniques such as E-Stim, Laser or Tuina (Chinese Bodywork Therapy).