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Micro Point Stimulation (Non-Needle Acupuncture)

Micro Point Stimulation Therapy applies light concentrated DC microcurrent (electrical signals) through the acupuncture meridians to stimulate the flow of energy. Frequency and polarity can be adjusted for specific conditions such as inflammation, tissue repair, resolution of scars and adhesions. Micro Point Stimulation produces an "acupuncture" response that releases muscle tissue that impinges nerves and causes joint articulations. It can decrease pain levels and calm the nervous system and release endorphins, the body's natural pain killers and to help fight chronic pain. As a result, the benefits of acupuncture can be received without the use of needles. Micro Point Stimulation can be used to restore energetic balance in the meridians, relieve acute and chronic pain and alleviate muscular tension. Micro Point Stimulation can also be used to address specific pathologies, reduce stress and release adhesions caused from traumatic or surgical scars, improving their appearance at the same time.